About Us

Why do we exist?

Running a private medical practice is hard. Getting the patients you want shouldn’t be. We exist to help the private medical practices that are frustrated. The ones that feel something isn’t quite right with their website, advertising, appointments, or office efficiency. We exist to ease those frustrations- To make sure that money isn’t being wasted and that opportunities aren’t being missed.

Core Values

Trackable Lead Generation is built on 8 core values:

  • Willing to Learn
  • Problem Solving
  • Acting Above the Line
  • Personal Integrity
  • Reliability
  • No Drama
  • Positive Mindset
  • Results-Oriented

These values are ingrained in the fiber of our company, they aren’t just something we hang on a poster on the wall. Each week, our employees reflect on their behavior and grade how well their actions aligned our 8 core values. This self-reflection is a huge motivator and is 10x more powerful than having a superior telling them what they did wrong


Like most other things, we pride ourselves in taking a different approach to our culture than other companies. It all starts with employee enablement, giving each person the tools and freedom needed to be happy and successful, both in life and at work. We award learning behaviors, like reading new books or enrolling in eLearning courses, no matter what the subject matter is on. Over the past 6 months, our team has watched over 6,000 minutes of online training videos. The topics have ranged from ‘The Zen of Productivity’ to ‘Happiness Psychology’ and from ‘Watercolor Painting’ to ‘Primal Learning’.

We believe that a learning brain is a healthy brain and a healthy brain creates a happy employee. Pushing our employees to grow personally, as well as professionally, is the key to building a family culture. And when you feel like a family, you are self-motivated to achieve company goals.

Meet the Team

Zed Williamson
President / Chief Executive Officer
Mary Beth Oddo
Chief Operating Officer
Clark Wiederhold
Chief Sales Officer
Rachel Rush
Jonathan Burkett
Director of Marketing
Heather Miranne
Sales Assistant
Andrea Lovell
Services Manager
SueAnn Schneider
Erica Briscoe
Media Buyer
Brooke Culbreath
Project Coordinator
Jared A. Diaz
Director of Digital Production
Erin Patrick
Web Designer / UX Designer
Justin Rabin
Software Developer
Tina Anderson
Patient Services Center Supervisor
Ashley Authement
Appointment Specialist
Iris Coleman
Appointment Specialist
Erin Cook
Appointment Specialist
Dishika Dillon
Appointment Specialist
Anthea Ellis
Appointment Specialist
Susanna Garcia
Appointment Specialist
Angelica Hernandez
Appointment Specialist
Mary Ingersoll
Appointment Specialist
Lisa Kelly
Appointment Specialist
Amy Kernion
Appointment Specialist
Dawn Lovell
Appointment Specialist
Rachel Mills
Appointment Specialist
Robyn Morganti
Appointment Specialist
Linda Schneider
Appointment Specialist
Becky Slayden
Appointment Specialist