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Are you frustrated with your advertising?

Tired of long contracts? Not seeing the results you want from
expensive ad campaigns?

We are not your typical advertising agency.

We once worked for typical advertising agencies. But after spending years churning out ‘award-winning’ campaigns, we came to realize that what the advertising industry deemed to be successful didn’t equal impact on our client’s revenue or business

So we got a little crazy about figuring out what drives a customer buy. What we learned (after diving headfirst into hundreds of behavioral science books), is that to create a successful advertisement, we need to find a way to viscerally connect with people’s pain

Advertising Services

We turn advertising into a massive profit center by crafting campaigns that create a deep emotional connection with your customer, rather than focusing the campaigns on the accolades of your practice. We live and die by the advertising responses, making numerous adjustments to the creative based on the replies that we get. We also let patient data determine the platforms we use, which could be anything from radio and television to Google AdWords and billboards.

Our Process

Phase 1:
Requirement Gathering

We don’t look to you to decide the platform or messaging. As a part of the requirement gathering phase, we sit down and discuss your objectives and goals, and then let the patient data determine which avenue will get the best results.

Phase 2:
Development & Launch

Our advertising team develops and launches a campaign, based on behavioral science, that uses verbiage to target specific symptomatology. We then use a unique, trackable phone number in the messaging, so we can record and evaluate the advertisement responses.

Phase 3:
Analytics & Optimization

Once the campaign has launched, our job has just begun. As the ad runs, we track the campaign responses and make ongoing changes to the creative, sometimes every 24 hours.

This means that patient calls we receive from a campaign today will influence our media spend tomorrow.

Not Your Typical Advertising Agency

Campaign Design

Typical Advertising Agency: 
Your campaign is based on the ad industry’s latest hacks and trends.

Trackable Lead Generation: 
Your campaign is meticulously crafted to evoke an emotional response. While some may think it’s intuitive to talk about the accolades of your practice in an ad, research shows that an emotional response has far greater influence on a customer’s intent to buy than the ad’s actual content does.

Campaign Changes

Typical Advertising Agency:
Designs the campaign creative once, launches it, and then their job is done.

Trackable Lead Generation: 
Throughout the duration of your campaign, we make ongoing changes to the creative based on the responding calls. For example, if we are targeting patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, but too many people are calling in with allergies, we examine the verbiage in the ad that might be causing the discrepancy and then change the script by the time the ad runs tomorrow.

Response Tracking

Typical Advertising Agency:
Once your campaign has been launched, the job is done. If you are lucky, you will receive a report with the response rates or the number of subsequent calls.

Trackable Lead Generation: 
We use a unique phone number that allows us to track and record each responding call from your campaign. On a daily basis, we analyze and identify the parts of the message that are working and make any changes that need to be made.

Campaign Success

Typical Advertising Agency: 
Success is determined by how creative or artistic a campaign is.

Trackable Lead Generation: 
Success is determined by how many high-value appointments are set.