Medical Practice Development Services

Feel like your business should be more productive?

Tired of feeling like you have to do all the work to achieve your goals?

Most clients come to us for practice development when they feel they could be doing more. After analyzing all aspects of your medical practice, from appointment setting to office culture, we put plans and processes in place to make your office run smoother, more productive, and more efficient. Our typical areas of improvement include:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Front Desk Workflows
  • Employee Hiring, Training & Onboarding
  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Physician Behavior
  • Company Values
  • Office Culture
  • Patient Experience
  • Business Process and Efficiency
  • Employee Compensation & Benefits

Our Process

Phase 1:

Our medical practice observation includes interviews with each employee, an analysis of 30 days of recorded phone calls, and an overview of your practice’s long-term goals

Phase 2:

We present our list of 5 needed areas of improvement. At this point, if you don’t agree with our analysis, we will refund the cost of the practice assessment, no questions asked.

Phase 3:

We work with you to implement step-by-step processes and workflows targeted towards the root cause of your needed areas of improvement. If your office upholds the changes we suggest, we will refund 10% of the assessment fee back.

Not Your Typical Medical Practice Consultancy

 Method of Change

Typical Consultancy: 
The services are like a band-aid, strictly fixing the surface level processes and workflows. Once the consulting agency is gone, the root issues are still there, so things often go back to the way they were before.

Trackable Lead Generation: 
We get to the root cause of your issues and make lasting changes using a behavior change approach.

 Lasting Results

Typical Consultancy: 
Bills you an hourly rate or as a lump sum for the project, regardless of the outcome.

Trackable Lead Generation: 
You pay upfront for a practice assessment. If you don’t like what we find, we will refund your money back. If you agree with our needed areas of improvement, and follow through with the changes, we will refund 10% of the practice assessment fee back. Our end goal is to make lasting changes.