Our programs are designed to help you...


The science of behavior change is known. We use it... or you could get someone to make you a cute commercial.


TLG media negotiators know how to get the best rates... they also know when and where to place your media to create the best possible result (see definition).


Without evidence it is only opinion.


What we learn today is implemented tomorrow.

Why We Exist

Unfortunately, more often than not, advertising is considered an expense. Why? The industry is one that rarely holds itself accountable to an outcome. Focus is on an audience, an award winning commercial, or on the number of new clicks on a website. TLG disagrees. Our purpose is the result. It’s why the messages are designed to change people’s behavior, why response is quantified and qualified, and why we go beyond generating the response…to converting it with our highly trained phone professionals.
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Focus is on the Result

Calls... ok. Appointments... Nice Work. Revenue Producing Activity... Now That's What We're Talkin' About!

Your Advertising is Designed to Fail